Love Potion #9


If you haven’t heard already, tomorrow is Valentines Day. If you are female single 20-something, there is an 80% chance you are probably feeling a tad like this…

Don’t be a grump! Just because people (girls) are obsessed with this made-up holiday, doesn’t mean you can’t have a fan-freaking-tastic Valentines Day. Also, Valentines Day  falls on a Friday (Hollaaa) so there is a need to celebrate regardless! I’ve got 3 great ideas for people of all relationship statuses to celebrate the day of pink and red.

1) Wine and Movie Night

Single ladies, this idea applies to you. Worried about going out and seeing a bunch of mushy couples showing too much PDA at restraunts? There is no better excuse than Valentines Day to call up your best girl friends and have a wine and movie night with your single ladies! Plus if you/anyone is still mending a broken heart, you can get drunk and cry about your ex without anyone judging you.

2) Stay in And Cook a 5 Star Meal

This idea is for the lovebirds! This year I would skip the fancy overpriced restaurant and do something more intimate like cook a dinner for yourselves! Coming from experience as an employee at a fine dining establishment, holidays in restaurants suck. They are overcrowded, you have to wait even with a reservation,  you won’t get the same attention from your server as would on a normal night, AND everything on the Valentines menu is the same from the regular menu…except everything is $10 extra. Trust me folks, it’s not worth it. Instead: find a great recipe on Pinterest, save your money, and cook up a wonderful dinner with your significant other.  Holidays are about spending time together, not the location.

3) Go Out

This idea can apply to anyone, singles or easy going couples. Since Valentines Day falls on a Friday this year, many bars are taking full advantage of this promo opportunity to create lots of happy hour specials for singles and honestly anyone who wants to go out and have a good time. Grab some friends or your lover and go get some great drink specials!

If you are still in a slump for plans, I hope some of these ideas help you have a great Valentine’s Day!

P.S. All of the Valentines candy goes on sale the next day. You’re welcome.


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